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How to defeat a Ravelco

We got a call today from a Toyota factory technician at a dealer in Northern California who was trying to remove a Ravelco from a trade in. Effectively he was trying to defeat the Ravelco. He had been working since the afternoon of the prior day trying to remove a Ravelco we installed in a Toyota FJ Cruiser, but it could have been a Corolla, Tundra, Tacoma, Prius, or any car that Toyota makes. We’ve gotten similar calls from Honda dealers who call regarding an Accord, Civic, Odyssey, or Ridgeline who are trying to defeat the Ravelco. The Toyota tech couldn’t figure out where our connections were, and how to get to them.

We appreciate getting these calls from factory trained technicians. People who work on these cars 8 or more hours a day, for five days a week and can’t figure out how we did the installation. They have a legitimate reason to remove the Ravelco, and they can’t figure out how, or it is taking so much time, they call us for guidance. What they are experiencing is exactly what a thief would have to go through to defeat a Ravelco.

A thief has 5 minutes, limited time, limited resources and is under pressure to do what factory techs can’t do in hours. In their shop, with all their tools, and all the time, and without the pressure of being thrown in jail if they’re caught, it takes factory technicians hours to try to undo what our trained technicians do in two hours. Often they’re stumped. The smart ones call us, and after a series of questioning, we help them understand what we did.

These guys have an appreciation for what it is that we do. Our business is to prevent auto theft, not slap in a car alarm and separate the customer from their money. Our business is to give people a real sense of security that their car will not be stolen if they have a Ravelco installed. Alarm and tracking companies have invested heavily and bet their farm on convincing people they will be victims of car theft. We disagree. You don’t need to be a victim of car theft.

So when our competitors try to discredit the Ravelco by saying, “Yeah, all you need to do is find the connections and reconnect the factory wires. Done!” We smile and say “Yep. That’s ALL you need to do.”