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Installation is the key to our success

With more than 5 million installations since 1976, the Ravelco Anti Theft Device is the only device that has never been defeated

Rapid High-quality mobile installation services

At California and Arizona Ravelco, we use our own installers. We aren’t going to send someone from the local alarm shop or some other third party. All our installers are background checked, trained and hired to make sure the quality of the installation is the best available.

We solder all our connections and cover them with a marine-grade adhesive heat shrink designed to protect under saltwater and diesel. Our connections will never come loose. The installers hide and disguise our wires to make it impossible to trace and undo in the short time thieves have to steal your car. For most vehicles, installation takes about two hours. However, many installations can be completed in less time.

Because alarms and other systems require power to operate, those installations often require cutting up to 10 or more wires inside your car. The Ravelco requires no power, and therefore uses fewer wires, making the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device the least invasive system you can install in your vehicle.

Most vehicle security systems connect to your car’s wires under your dashboard – the first place thieves look to hotwire your vehicle. Because Ravelco hides connections in the engine compartment, the Ravelco wires are hidden among your vehicle’s existing wires. It would take hours for a thief to go through your vehicle’s electrical system and sort out the connections. Most thieves want to break in, start your car, and drive away within minutes.

The base unit of the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is installed in an easily accessible area underneath or surface mounted in the dashboard. A protective steel tube protects the Ravelco wires from the rear of the base through to the engine compartment, where the connections are hidden from sight.

It’s impossible for thieves to hotwire a vehicle when they can’t find the right wires.

We install the Ravelco at your location

We come to you! All Ravelco installations are scheduled at your location for maximum convenience. Just tell us your vehicles location and we’ll schedule a time to come and perform your Ravelco installation.


Mobile Installation Coverage Area

  • Greater San Francisco Bay Area
  • Greater Los Angeles/Orange/Inland Empire Area
  • San Diego Metro Area
  • Sacramento Metro Area
  • Stockton to Fresno Area
  • Northern Arizona/Phoenix/Tucson
  • Nevada
  • Plus many other areas

Your order includes

The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device
+ Custom Installation
+ 2 matched plugs

+ 2 quick-disconnect key chains
+ 2 window stickers
+ Lifetime warranty

After your purchase, you’ll be contacted by a Ravelco rep to set up your personal installation at your home or work.

These companies trust us to protect their fleet vehicles from theft. 
We can protect yours too.

"My suburban has had two attempted thefts on it and your system has kept it from being stolen. Once again thank you for a fine system."

– Cheryl Y.
Rainier, Washington

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