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Key Code Systems

The NICB states that approximately 200,000 vehicles are exported illegally from the United States every year.

Factory-installed key code systems are now standard on almost all new General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles, but this easily-overpowered technology often gives vehicle owners a false sense of security.

A key code system has a miniature transponder embedded in the ignition key head. The computer transmits a radio signal to the key, which then returns an ID number. If the on-board computer recognizes that ID, it enables the ignition and starting system.

Most people feel this is a foolproof system as the key must match the computer.

Less sophisticated thieves us a process called ‘computer swapping.’ They go to junkyards and buy a computer with the matching key (or ‘borrow’ them from a friend with the same car). Then they break into the car, pop open the hood, unplug the car’s computer, plug their computer in and they have the key to start your car! On Thursday February 8th, 2006, the LA Times wrote a story called “Thieves outwit high-tech advances” by Ralph Vartabedian, Times Staff Writer.

Some systems can be overcome by cutting one easily-accessible wire and using a voltmeter to determine which wires to reconnect. This takes approximately 20 seconds.

Because the Ravelco Anti-Theft device relies on a physical connection rather than a transmitted signal, there is simply no way for a thief to electronically bypass the system. With the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device, a thief can not start your car, even if they had the right ignition key.
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