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Car Alarm Systems

Tracking systems do nothing to prevent the loss of your vehicle.

Do they work?

When you hear a car alarm siren, do you think someone is breaking into the car, or someone’s alarm is just falsing… again? Ask yourself the first question about about car alarm systems: do they work? You can’t prevent someone from breaking in, but the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device WILL prevent them from stealing your car.

No one pays attention to car alarms, and this is why car alarm systems don’t work. Thieves know that if an alarm goes off, no one will look. Especially if the siren is silenced in 5 – 10 seconds (the time it takes them to clip the siren wire). For this reason, alarms don’t even prevent a thief from breaking the window, or breaking open the door.

According to the non-profit Highway Loss Data Institute, cars with alarms “show no overall reduction in theft losses” compared to cars without alarms.

If a thief sees something in your car that they want, they can easily break the window or bust the lock to open the door. There is nothing that will stop a thief who wants to get in your car. Alarms and blinking lights are not a deterrent as anyone bold enough to break a window will assume that an alarm will sound regardless of window stickers or blinking lights.

Car dealers often push alarm systems because they’re cheap and easy to install. These systems make all their connections right under the dash. Every car thief knows this, and can quickly bypass the unprotected wires in a matter of seconds. Thieves also know that most ringing alarms are ignored by neighbors, passersby and even car owners, and that they run little risk of alerting authorities while they’re in the process of stealing a vehicle.

Additionally, “code grabbers” and “scanners” designed to defeat alarm systems are available for less than $100 on the internet. Though some alarm systems claim to have anti-scan or code grabbing technology, these systems can also be overpowered, as demonstrated on CBS’ The Early Show and 48 Hours.

Rather than try to protect the contents of your car with an alarm system that will ultimately not prevent a theft, your first choice should be to protect the more valuable asset: the car itself.

Because the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is installed directly in the engine compartment with armor-plated wires, the vulnerable area under the dashboard is protected. There are no codes for thieves to grab or exposed wires for thieves to tap into. They simply will not be able to start your vehicle, and that makes the Ravelco the most effective theft prevention system available.