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Anti-theft for all vehicles

California & Arizona Ravelco has security solutions for personal vehicles, fleet vehicles, big rigs, and heavy equipment. 

Personal Autos

Smart consumers fight back. The investment you make in an anti-theft device can provide you with tremendous returns – but only if you’ve chosen the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.



Fleet Vehicles

The cost of protecting your entire fleet is paid for by defeating the first theft attempt. There are no monthly fees, and the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

Big Rigs / Class A

Big rigs are targeted both for the resale value of the vehicles and the valuable cargo they haul. For about the cost of a tank of fuel, a Ravelco Anti-Theft Device will prevent your rig from being stolen. 

Heavy Equipment

Theft is an increasing challenge for construction and heavy equipment owners and operators. The National Crime Information Center says there were more backhoes, Bobcats, bulldozers, and cranes stolen than ever. With identical keys being so common, a Ravelco Anti-Theft Device will ensure the equipment is where you left it. 

Trusted to protect some of the best companies

"Our new motor home (Winnebago 34) will be secure against theft, thanks to your RAVELCO anti theft device, it cannot be tampered with, thank you for a superior product, at a reasonable price.."

– John M.
Long Branch, California

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