After a house, an automobile is the second most expensive purchase most people make in their lifetime. And many people just leave it outside, laying around, unprotected, sometimes unlocked even, waiting for a criminal to swipe it.

“That’s why I buy AAA insurance,” you said to yourself. Except that each car theft costs you in time, lost deductibles, and higher insurance premiums.

You’ve heard the myth: “If thieves want your car, they’re going to get it.”

Here is the fact: thieves are limited by time and resources, just like you and I. If they don’t have enough time, or resources, they’re NOT going to get your car. They want to steal the car fast, inside 3 minutes. If they can’t, they move on. They want to work unseen, hidden under the dash of the vehicle where alarms and kill switches are wired. Just reconnect the factory wires, and these systems are bypassed.

What doesn’t work:

Car alarms. With their high false-alarm rate, car alarms have only given the public a deaf ear and blindness to honking horns and blinking lights. Criminals willing to smash the glass and grab what they want, know the public tends to ignore alarms. They’re also wired right under the dash, where the thief is concealed and has time to defeat them.

Tracking devices. They don’t stop thieves from driving away with your vehicle. It takes a small crew less than 15 minutes to make off and strip a car of what they’re looking for. Tracking devices cannot alert you, notify the police and recover your car within 15 minutes. Also, when a car is stolen, its theft is reported to the California DMV, a blot on the car’s record which shows up on a CarFax report. Dealers and private buyers pay less for recovered cars because of possible unfound damage.

A properly installed Ravelco works!

A simple, reliable, and undefeated vehicle immobilizer all but nails the car to its parking spot. More than 90 percent of stolen cars are hotwired and driven away, not towed, so preventing thieves from starting up and driving off means keeping your car and accessories. The Ravelco doesn’t have any exposed wires under the dash where thieves can get them. The Ravelco’s protected wiring is disguised in the car’s complex harness under the hood. Thieves won’t risk opening hoods, because it means that they are outside, exposed, not hiding under the dash but drawing attention to themselves.

At California & Arizona Ravelco, our business is car theft prevention. Above all, remember this: you don’t have to be a victim of car theft.