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Obama’s truck stolen by theives a couple days ago.

How low can some low-life’s get? President Obama’s truck containing his teleprompter, sound system, podium and presidential seals was stolen a couple days ago. It’s just being reported today by NCBC12 in Virginia.

This raises the question: Why would they steal this truck? Thieves typically don’t steal commercial vehicles for parts (although they do for fuel and tires when diesel fuel prices go up). Mostly they steal trucks for their contents. Commercial vehicles typically have no factory immobilizer and are very easy to start. So rather than try to empty the cargo, it’s much faster and easier to start the truck and drive off with it.

If President Obama had his truck protected with a Ravelco Anti Theft Device, we would have no worries about the logistics of his equipment. He’d be able to sleep at night knowing that he’ll be able to deliver that flawless speech the next day. Nothing is worse than worrying about the loss of a vehicle and its important contents. Now in all seriousness, of course the President doesn’t worry about a truck being stolen. But for thousands of business owners the loss of a vehicle loaded with equipment can have a dramatic effect on our business.

So here are some tips to help avoid the theft of a vehicle:

  • Remove the keys. This sounds silly, but most stolen vehicle are because the owner left the key in the vehicle.  Make sure the drivers turn the keys in at the end of their shift.
  • Park it in a highly visible area, preferably in a locked yard. If the truck is out of view, the thief has more time to hotwire the vehicle.
  • Get a Ravelco Anti Theft Device or similar immobilizer. Get one that’s been around a long time and has a proven track record. Make sure it is designed to work against the way thieves steal trucks, but hiding under the dash and reconnecting the OEM wires. If the immobilizer you’re considering is connected to the truck’s wires under the dash, they are just separating you from your money. Make sure the connections are made in the engine compartment. That way, a thief would need to work out in the open to try to get by the system.

As a business owner, your job is to ‘target harden’ your fleet. Make your vehicles so hard to take, the thieves give up and target someone else’s.

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