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Auto Theft Down, Thanks to Car Security Devices Like the Ravelco

Fox Business News just posted an article discussing why auto theft is down, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The reason? Manufacturer’s are using more complex car security systems, and people are using car security devices like the Ravelco Anti Theft Device. Thieves are still going after cars, they’re just not getting them with the same frequency. We know that car alarms don’t reduce theft, and tracking systems get back what thieves don’t want, but immobilizers like the Ravelco work to prevent theft.

The current factory immobilizers in most cars will go a long way to stopping theft when first introduced. The challenge with factory (not dealer/aftermarket installed) car security devices is that they are installed the same way, on every car. When a new technology comes around, it takes a while for thieves to figure out ways around it, and eventually that information makes its way down from the ‘smarter’ thieves, who figure it out, to the common thieves just brazen enough to follow instructions and try. Because the same approach is used on every car, the same approach to bypass the system works on every car.

The benefit to an aftermarket device is that it can be installed in a different way, every time. So even if a thief figures out a way to defeat it on one car, the same approach wont’ work on a different car.

The Best Car Security Device

The best car security device will have many features to it: A) it won’t leave you stranded. B) it takes time to install properly. C) it has a long term reputation and D) it does what you want it to do: PREVENT the theft of your vehicle. What use is spending $500 to $1200 on a system that does nothing to prevent the theft of your car?

The best car security device we’ve found is the Ravelco Anti Theft Device. It’s been around since 1976, sold over 4 million units, and no customer has ever lost their car by defeating the Ravelco. It’s an easy to use immobilizer that is installed in the dash of the car, and wired in a way that makes it difficult to trace and tricky to undo. It takes so much time to bypass, that thieves are better off quitting and going after a car that doesn’t have a Ravelco.

To read the whole article from Fox Business news, go to http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2011/08/12/what-steal-anti-theft-devices-zap-car-insurance-rates/

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