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We got a call last week from Mark B. in Long Beach, CA who still owns his 2003 Jeep Wrangler. Mark’s first two Jeeps were stolen, so Mark needed Jeep theft protection that worked. A device that actually prevented his Jeep from being stolen. 

So, back in April of 2008, he called us to get a Ravelco Anti Theft Device installed in his replacement Jeep. But that’s just the beginning of the story. Mark is a big Jeep fan (you have to be to buy a third one after the first two losses!) and puts a lot of time and money into them.  

He got sick and tired of some low life making off with something he put his money and time into. Alarms did nothing and were easily defeated. He needed something effective, something that would provide his Jeep with theft protection that worked. 

After reading about the Ravelco, how it’s been around since 1976, sold over 4 million units without ever having a vehicle stolen, he decided to give it a try. We haven’t heard from Mark for the last three years, as the Ravelco has been working fine and he, like all our customers, didn’t have any problems. 

Until now. It turns out that over the last three-plus years there have been four, yes FOUR theft attempts on Marks’ Jeep. The first three were normal attempts. They get in, break what they need to in order to start the Jeep, strip whatever wires and connect them together and try to start the car. Each time the Ravelco worked, he got the minor damage repaired and went on with life. Well, the fourth one, they decided to try to cut the wires on the Ravelco, doing a little more damage in the process. 

So, the insurance company will replace the Ravelco and the other damage done to the Jeep, but there are two great things about this. 

1- Mark kept his Jeep. Again, again, and again. The Ravelco foiled each attempt. And 2- Mark stuck it to the thief. The jerk did some damage to the Jeep, but Mark has the satisfaction of knowing he pulled on over on that guy (not being sexist, just playing the statistics- they’re mostly guys). The Long Beach Police sent a fingerprinting crew out. The result: no fingerprints. This guy was a pro. He knew what he was doing and he wanted the Jeep. However, because he had a properly installed Ravelco, the thief moved on to another Jeep. 

That old adage “If they want your car, they’ll get it” just isn’t true if you have a Ravelco installed. Thieves are limited by time, resources and overinflated egos. The Ravelco works against all three of these things. And when we can do that little bit to remind them their ego isn’t in line with reality, we get a huge sense of satisfaction. 

Thanks for the call Mark! For more stories like this, click here.