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How to Defeat Ravelco…

Defeating a Ravelco We got a call today from a Toyota factory technician at a dealer in Northern California who was trying to remove a Ravelco from a trade in. Effectively he was trying to defeat the Ravelco. He had been working since the afternoon of the prior day trying to remove a Ravelco we […]

Obama’s Truck Stolen

Obama’s truck stolen by theives a couple days ago. How low can some low-life’s get? President Obama’s truck containing his teleprompter, sound system, podium and presidential seals was stolen a couple days ago. It’s just being reported today by NCBC12 in Virginia. This raises the question: Why would they steal this truck? Thieves typically don’t […]

Heavy Equipment Theft Prevention

We’ve all heard the urban myth about thieves: “If they want it, they’ll get it.” Well, the bottom line is, that just isn’t true. Thieves aren’t mystical ninja’s with magical powers to drive off with vehicles. They are limited by the same things you and I are: time and resources. They have limited time, and […]