The Ravelco works with other security systems.

The Ravelco does not interfere with other alarms or tracking systems that you might already have installed in your vehicle. No other system is affected by the installation and use of the Ravelco. For owners who want to have multiple layers of protection, an alarm, anti-theft device, and/or a tracking system, the Ravelco is the perfect fit.


  • Plug is 1.25 inches in diameter- slightly larger than a quarter.
  • Costs significantly less than many competitive products.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee for the unit’s original owner.
  • Does not draw power from the battery.
  • Is less invasive to install vs. other security devices.
  • Comes with two plugs and a detachable key chain. Additional plugs may be ordered.
  • Comes with two window stickers that warn the vehicle is protected by the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.
  • Prevents the vehicle from being started — only your ignition key and the Ravelco plug will allow your vehicle to start.
  • Is currently available by contacting California Ravelco directly and through automobile dealers throughout the United States, including the nation’s largest
  • Chevrolet dealer and the nation’s largest GMC dealer.
  • Fits gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Will not affect your new car warranty (See the Magnuson — Moss Act).
  • With the installation of a Ravelco Anti-Theft Device, some insurance companies offer a discount on your comprehensive rates.