California Ravelco is pleased to be part of AAA’s Discounts & RewardsSM program! Our Ravelco Anti-Theft Device will prevent your vehicle from being stolen! The Ravelco has been around since 1976, sold over 4,000,000 units worldwide, and we’ve NEVER had a vehicle stolen by bypassing the device. We’re very proud to be in AAA’s Discounts & RewardsSM program!

AAA Members get the following discounts:

10% off the price of a fully installed Ravelco is normally priced at $499.95.

AAA Member price: $449.95

You must be a current AAA member to qualify.

To get the discount, please call our toll free number for AAA members, 877-AAA-0456, and tell the representative that you are a AAA member. Your card must be shown to the California Ravelco installer when we perform the installation.

For a complete list of vendors in AAA’s Discounts & RewardsSM program, go to