Over 35 years. Over 4,000,000 sold. No cars stolen!

We know you don’t want to worry about your car. That’s why the Ravelco was invented.

Its Genius is
in the Simplicity

Simplicity of design and simplicity of use.  Remove the plug, and the engine can’t start and won’t run.  The car can’t be driven away without the plug.

Protection for
a Lifetime

For as long as you own your car, we will stand behind the Ravelco and the installation.  The connectors are made of special alloy designed to always make a firm connection.

Works on Old
or New Cars.

Diesel, Gas, Hybrid.  Doesn’t interfere with the function of any other part of the car (lights, radio, nav, even other security systems all still work as normal).

Get a Ravelco

Our customers praise California Ravelco

“The only product I recommend to insurance companies and consumers to prevent theft is the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.

– Forest Folck, April 2009
Motor Vehicle Forensic Service, San Diego, CA more

What the press is saying

One such device cited repeatedly by police and insurance consultants is the Ravelco.


Ravelco News Coverage, San Diego News 6!

Ravelco continues to get news coverage. We were featured on San Diego News 6 last week. San Diego, as well as Southern California as a whole has a big issue with auto theft. Jeeps get hit hard, as do mid sized pickup … Continue reading

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